Corporate LLC Sponsorship/Local Service Agent + BIZ PRO Fees
Local Sponsorship + PRO (annually)AED 23,625 per year
Government CostsName Reservation: AED 660
Initial Approval: AED 160
Notary Fees: AED 2,016
Trade licenseAED 8,000 – 10,000 + 5% of Annual Rent
  • Sponsorship fee may vary depending on the business activities and requirements of clients. The sponsorship fee will increase if the number of employees increases to more than 100 and if a LLC company requires credit facilities on the MOA.
  • Sponsorship fees for Industrial/Manufacturing licenses starts from AED 89,250.
  • Sponsorship fees for starts from AED 31,500 for Investment companies.
  • The Memorandum of Association/Local Service Agent Agreement/Civil Works Agreement drafting and notarizing fees will be approximately AED 1,925 (based on a 2 shareholder, AED 100,000 share capital computation).
  • Payment Voucher for General Trading companies will be approximately AED 25,000 – AED 30,000.
  • Sponsorship fees, PRO Fees, and License fees are annual and payable upon license expiry.
  • Upon sign-up, the Name Reservation Fee of AED 660 and Initial Approval Fee of AED 160 must be paid and all actual government payments are invoiced as it is being processed. The client will pay all actual charges to BIZ before any application is made to Dubai DED.
  • Should an LLC require credit facilities, the company must be able to provide proof of paid up share capital as per the MOA.
  • Final Payment Voucher Fees are dependent on the business activity as well as cost of your annual lease (Market Fee is 5%).