Fujairah Creative City Free Zone License Timelines

Timelines and Procedure in business days

Day 1 – Submit completed and signed application forms along with the requirements from the shareholder(s) and make payment

Day 5 – Trade License released by the Free Zone and scanned copy of the original will be sent to you via email. You may start operating your Company from this point. Application for Pre-Approval is submitted.

Day 6 – Original Trade License, Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificate, Lease Agreement (if applicable) are issued.

Day 15 – Security pre-approval is obtained from Immigration to proceed with the Immigration card application.

Day 23 – Company Immigration card issued. E-channel registration is launched (if payment is made) and you may apply for your visa once registration is completed.

Complete and submit visa application forms and supporting documents and passport photos to Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ).

Day 33 – Entry Visa issued (Pink Colored Visa) and a copy emailed to you

If you are outside the country when your entry visa is issued, you will need to enter the country on your new entry visa, you will NOT be allowed to enter the country on a tourist visa or visit visa or visa on arrival.

Day 33 – Collect your original Pink Colored Entry Visa from Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ) and carry out change of status (In/Out Stamp) either by exiting and re-entering the country i.e. by driving to the Hatta/Oman border (if applicable), or by submitting your passport and payment to Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ) to carry out the same without having to leave the country.

Day 36 – Proceed to Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai for your Emirates ID Card process followed by your medical test

– if this is your first visa and first Emirates ID, you will need to carry out your Emirates ID Card process in Fujairah.

Day 39 – Collect medical test results from Al Baraha Hospital and deliver the same to Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ) offices along with your passport, completed signed and stamped original employment contract, Emirates ID Card receipt, entry visa (with change of status stamp) along with 8 alternate passport size photos on white background, all of which will be submitted to Immigration for residency stamping

Day 40 – Passport is released by Immigration stamped with your Residency Visa. A scanned copy of your Residency Visa will be emailed to you.

Day 49 – Passport available for collection at Business Incorporation Zone (BIZ)