About Business Incorporation Zone


Our first point of contact, Mahima, was extremely helpful in providing information on BIZ services, outlining the different levels of incorporation, explaining the costs involved and guiding us towards choosing the right options for our business. From there, she fully explained the steps necessary for incorporation, such as what paperwork was required and when, as well as being on call for any queries we happened to have. When the time came for other members of the BIZ team to guide us through the start-up process, everyone involved has been very proficient, was well aware of our company and its needs, and our progress had been communicated effectively between different BIZ departments. At no time did we feel that anyone was at a loss to our situation. As we near the final stages of our company’s inception, we are confident in the BIZ team’s ability to ensure our business starts out successfully. Thanks for all your help so far. I hope this provides ample feedback for your requirements.

Ken Campbell
Puma Campbell Creative Services - Co-owner and Executive Director

We benefit greatly by the services offered by Business Incorporation Zone, a variety of opportunities have unfolded ever since we started woking with BIZ. In fact, the location that was provided to us has improved our business reach.

Moncy S Cherian’s
Net Biosmea